Text using Outlook or email client

How do I send a text from Outlook or an email client

To send text from Outlook or email client

ATT Wireless     AreaCodePhoneNumber@txt.att.net

MetroPCS     AreaCodePhoneNumber@mymetropcs.com

SprintPCS     AreaCodePhoneNumber@sprintpcs.com

Tmobile     AreaCodePhoneNumber@tmomail.net

Verizon     AreaCodePhoneNumber@vtext.com

examples     9165555555@txt.att.net

You can verify your email settings at  http://network-tools.com/default.asp?prog=test&host=9165555555@txt.att.net substitute your phone number in the url

Thank You DDK Communications, Inc.   http://ddkhelp.com help@ddk.net







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